Cook My Own Meals

After four years, living in the junior residence all the senior students at Liger Learning Center move to a different residence called Senior Residence. So when we all moved there we need to learn how to budget your money and cooked your own food. We do this because we want to get ready for university, which we need to live with other people that we never known, cooked our food and budgeting your money well. So to do this we had learned how to cook from the Liger’s chief. We learned how to cook different food and different types of cooking. After learning with him we also have a test to see that, are we ready to cook our yet. Finally we moved to the senior campus and cooked our own food. I and my apartment members need to divided the turn to cook each day. Some food that we had been cooking are fried rice, sandwiches, fried noodles, sausages with eggs and Loc Lac. It turn out that we love it a lot, living independence, cook own food and take care our apartments.

Slam Poetry_Team

“My Daddy Gift”

He said that I never be a good kid for him never ever,

But sorry dad I wish I’ll be a better kid one day.

I always want what I shouldn’t receive,

New shoes, new clothes, and other things.

They said that you not a good father,

But it seems like they all wrong.


Mama always told me that you always care about me,

But I never believe her, until I see the truth,

You really love me in the way,

That I never notice about you

And now you gone, gone forever.

Should I be forgiven by you, should I?


You left me what I want, shoes, clothes that you’ve worked hard to get it

Everything that you’ve done is for me and our family

I wonder, do you ever think about yourself

I guess, you never think about yourself

You always think about me and our family,

Now, new shoes, new clothes and everything new,


It’s not important to me anymore,

And now you gone, it just an empty world without you

I really, really, really, want you back,

But now it too late, sorry dad,

I really sorry, sorry for everything

That I have done to you


Slam Poetry_Individual


“We Are Not Terrorist,  But We From Middle East

We know what you think about us

Violence wars and terrorist.

Because we are the one, who from the Middle East

Do you know our feeling?

I know you do, but you don’t care.


You said we are terrorists

So you didn’t let us enter your beautiful land, countries

So do you know that,

There are millions and millions of us

And there just a tiny small percent who are terrorists.


But you didn’t see or feel about us,

We need help, that’s why we try to enter your home

And you shot us down, phong phang, like we were wild wolves

Because you think that we are terrorists

And it actually because, we from the Middle East.


Millions of us dying crying and waiting for help

But no one, I mean none of the world cares

That’s why we try to enter your home.

Why wouldn’t you let us enter your homes

Because we are from the Middle East.


You only care about your country first

We understand that, also

You think that if you let us enter your country

You worried that we will bring problem there,

Because you think that we are terrorists and because we from the Middle East.


Is where you live show about your identity?

You think we are terrorists,

Because we from the Middle East.

Why why and why,

There only one answer, because we from the Middle East.


We know our countries have wars for many many years,

Aircrafts floating on the sky everywhere

As so the tanks moving toward the combat fields

The blue sky turning to dark cloudy sky

And the bombs explode everywhere.


I can’t change my past,

Even though we from the Middle East,

It doesn’t mean we are terrorist,

We tried to find a peaceful place, shade to rest,

That why we leaved the Middle East.


We are not terrorist,

We are really not terrorist,

We are really really not terrorist,

But we from the Middle East

And, we actually from the Middle East.