Argument Essay: Pygmalion Play

In the fifth years at Liger, it seem like everything has changed. One of the thing that had changed at Liger is English Literacy class. In our English class we had read a play name Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw and I wrote an argument essay about one of the character in the movies which is Eliza Doolittle.

Would you believe that an uneducated woman who is optimistic, can she improves her life? The play: Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw. Eliza Doolittle is a flower girl, who find the opportunity to improve her life by learning with Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering to read and speak proper English. Eliza Doolittle’s both internal and external characteristic had changed. Even though she has changed both, the internal and external characteristic, but it seems she most likely has changed her external characteristic more than internal characteristic.

Eliza Doolittle is the main character in the play Pygmalion, and the audiences meet her in Act I. At the beginning of Act I, Eliza acts like she is an immature girl who is dramatic, always whines and cries, whenever someone touches, hurts or says something to her just a bit. Eliza said, “Ah—ow—ooh! [Picking up a couple of florins] Aaah—ow—ooh! [Pick-ing up several coins] Aaaaaah—ow—ooh! [Picking up a half-sovereign] Aaaaaaaaaaah—ow—ooh!!!” she cries and whines and acts like she is a little girl who had been hurt by others. This demonstrates how she is acting like an immature girl because she lacks self-confidence .

At the beginning of Act I, Eliza acts like she is an immature girl who is dramatic and always cries and whines, whenever someone hurt her a bit. But at the end of Act V, her internal characteristic changes, from the immature girl to a proper lady. But at the end of Act V Eliza comes back to Higgins’s laboratory, wore beautiful Victorian clothes with a work-basket and said confidently to Professor Higgins, “How do you do, Professor Higgins? Are you quite well?” Here she knows how to talk properly and have self-confidence for herself to do a small talk with Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering.

Eliza Doolittle’s both internal and external characteristic had changed. Even though she has changed both the internal and external but it seems like she most likely to change her external characteristic, more than internal characteristic. The evidence shows that in Act I Eliza is an immature girl who whines and cries a lot, but at the end of Act V she has more confidence in herself.

Solar Cooker Investigation

I had learned in investigation class, in this expertise we were doing experiment about some science. We have seven weeks to learn and make a report to show our teacher. Here is my report:

Project Name: Solar Cooker
Your Name: Panharith Yav & Hongly Phal

What is the highest temperature of cooking with Solar cooker can get?

Background Information:
Cooking is the art, technology and craft of preparing food by the using up of heat. Cooking is a unique technique that people all around the world like to do and learn. There are many type of resources that people around the world use for cook, such as grilling food over an open fire to use electric stove, to baking in different type of oven, using solar cooker and more types of cooking resources. Also there are many chiefs in many restaurant around the world that cook food to serve to the quests. The scientist says that there are people in the past 250,000 years ago has been cooked food with fire even though there were a research that says the first fire was appeared in the past 400,000 years ago. In cooking method we have different types of cook, it include baking, roasting, frying, grilling, barbecuing, smoking, boiling, steaming and braising. Our project is about the solar cooker. Solar cooker is a device that uses the direct sunlight to heat, cook food or drinks such as milk. Even though there are many type of powerful and expensive cooker that cooks for a hundred peoples, solar cooker is no use of fuel so that not going to affect to the environment. Also the solar cooker is helping many chief to save their money of spending for buying fuel and does not affect their health. There are many types of solar cooker that had appeared on earth such as curved concentrator solar cookers, solar ovens, penal cookers and among more of them. The solar cooker morality is to concentrating sunlight, converting light energy to heat energy and trapping heat energy. But although the solar cooker only can be use under the hot sunny day, it cannot be used under the cloudy day.

Our hypothesis is that we predict that one part of the experiment solar cooker will help to save electric energy for cooking. Also we predict that electric cooker will cooked faster than our solar cooker because it is rainy reason and there less sunlight.

Experiment or Design:

Required Material:
Pen/Pencil and notebook

Step to Do Experiment:
Step 1: Fill your pods with water for 1 liter.
Step 2: Put your solar cooker under the sun and pre-heated your solar cooker for about 5 minutes.
Step 3: Measure temperature of the water before putting it onto the solar cooker.
Step 4: Put the pods right in the middle of the cooker.
Step 5: Then check the temperature of the water in every 20 minutes in 1 hour, total times.

Find the sunny place
Face your cooker toward the sun.

Data Charts:

First Experiment:
Place: Near Swimming pool
Direction to the sun: South-west
Time: 2:22 p.m.
Water Level: 1 liter
Total Time: 1 hour

Times: Temperature:
Started Point 27.2222 degrees celsius
20 Minutes 37.7778 degrees celsius
40 Minutes 40 degrees celsius
60 Minutes 40 degrees celsius

Second Experiment:
Place: Senior Campus
Direction to the sun: West
Time: 2:00 p.m.
Water Level: 1 liter
Total Time: 1 hour

Times: Temperature:
Start: 26.6667 degrees celsius
20 Minutes: 36.6667 degrees celsius
40 Minutes: 38.8889 degrees celsius
60 Minutes: 40.5556 degrees celsius

After doing our experiments many times we find out that our product didn’t work well with our pod so we need to design the new product to keep more heat inside the pod. We should make the solar cooker that can keep more heat and for our product we can only react to about 4.56 degrees celsius.

In conclusion we need to change our design so that it can trap more heat. The temperature only can reached to about 40.56 degree celsius. So we find out that our hypothesis is quite wrong, our design help to save energy from cooking with gas but it take much longer time.