Khan Academy on Algebra 2

This term we were studying about polynomial and rational functions. It involved how to divide polynomials, real and complex zeros, graphing polynomials, and rational function. From using the precalculus book as well as Khan Academy as our main resources, I can practice the skills that I have learned in class. I personally think that the topic in Khan, Exponential Growth and Decay, is the hardest among the practices I have, and it took me the most time. However, through working with my friends and asking clarifying questions to the teacher, I can get it further.

Preparing for SAT 2018

In the first term of the new school year of 2018-2019 specifically in math essential, we focus on SAT preparation. On the other hand, during our first two weeks after coming back from summer break we been training through the SAT Bootcamp with two mentors Amanda, an ESL teacher from an all-girls school in New Jersey; Kim, a recent Princeton grad in Computer Science.  In that class, the mentors shared with us their experiences and tips to efficiently solve and analysis the text using different textual evidence or how to solve the math question effectively.

For math, we’ve been practiced multiple exams on papers and took the simulated exams in Khan Academy. In addition, in the math essential, we used a lot of Khan Academy tutorials to learn and practice those questions that might occur in the real SAT exam.

After the bootcamp as well as the practice in class during the math essentials I feel a bit more confident in doing those questions, on October the 6th.


A Group of Tests Versus A Pride of Ligers

As we get closer to the final term of the year I personally need to sprint; there no time to walk and enjoy the moments. There are many projects and lessons we need to complete both for the facilitators and students. Specifically, during the month of May, we have a lot of big tests; for me, this year I’ve studied the AP Statistic in one of the essential-math. We are ages 14 to 16-year-olds. If we do well in this college-level course, we will gain credit toward studying at the college abroad in the future. Since this is a college level concept and it’s already hard for us but most importantly we are the second language learners so this will add another step of difficulty. We’ve been practice on doing the test that already exists with the given time. Finally, the day comes, on the 17th of May, a group of us took the test with a lot of pressure. Oppositely, we feel relief after the test, where we can rest our shoulder from the concept that we already study for a school year.

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Besides, on the 21st and 22nd of May, we took another test-MAP that encompasses Language, Reading, and Math. This test would allow both the facilitators and us as students to see how we have improved since last year and what we need to keep our head on. I feel really excited afterward although I’m a bit nervous at first.

AP Statistic

This is the first ever time, that about a half of Liger Leadership Academy students are studying AP Statistic. This advanced program is really difficult for me, I need to manage my time to read, to do the problematic exercises, also to do other assessments. Already stated, I need to be an initiative to seek out for help from the teacher as a consequence finding practices from other useful websites such as Khan Academy. Besides, I have many challenges to study this course since it was in the second language for me. So by the end of this year, this 15-years old boy’s goal is to take the actual test and pass it, in order for me to have a better education in university or college’s courses.