LigerPride Yearbook

This is the first time that we created our school yearbook so we decide to create one exploration doing about yearbook. In this class have six original students and two facilitators. In the first week we kind of bring up some ideas about the layout of the book and the title of the book. We had borrowed some yearbook from other school to see what their layout look like. Second week we start to write some activities and curricular in Liger such as Essentials, Expertise, Explorations, After School Extensions and Extracurricular on weekend. When we finished the writing we send it to our facilitators and they will edit and add some comment for us. Then we start to design the layout of our yearbook. We were working on the cover and some curricular in InDesign. When the exploration had ended we not yet finished the whole book so we decided to continue this project on other time. So the second time we did this now we have 11 students working on it. We had fished almost all the layout of the book and we going to print it soon and each of the Liger students we get one of our book. Our goal of this yearbook is to make our students remember what they have done in the past and look how they different when they were young and at the future.

Cambodia Geology

During my fourth exploration, I studied Geology of Cambodia, we are the first ever students in Cambodia to study and explore about geology in this country. In class we learned many things about rock and how it formed, we watch videos, researching on the precise website and get the information from the American geologist. We also have three field trips, which where we see and learn more about rock and identifying the rock type. We’ve been to Kep, Kampot, Koh Kong, Ratanakiri, and Mondulkiri, which both are on the opposite side of Cambodia. In most part of Kep, Kampot and Koh Kong we saw much limestone and sandstone which was formed in the ocean that due to the pressure and the depth of the sea. For Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri we mostly saw basalt which is in Igneous rock type and is formed in the volcanoes’ lava.

Since we the first Cambodian to study about Cambodia’s geology, we gathered as much statistics as possible to share with many other Cambodians to know what Cambodia used to look like within geology. In our sharation, we share what we learned to Cambodians and foreigners that come to see our presentation about geology. We also hope that the changes, in government schools curricula, is to add geology in their focus, which is provided more education to Cambodians all over the country.