2016/2017 Yearly Reflection

After five years at Liger Learning Center, I continue to make the positive impact to change Cambodia, as it is my beautiful country. In year five explorations the course of 2016-2017 there is three explorations that come into my mind that has helped to make a positive effect on changing Cambodia. Specifically, in year five, I have many explorations that take a step forward to change Cambodia, such as Preventative Health; Geology of Cambodia and Cambodia Infrastructure. In those explorations, I have done many things to change Cambodia and I am really glad that I had participated in those explorations.

In my second exploration, I studied Preventative Health. Our focus in this exploration is to teach people who live on the islands to be healthy, within anti-diabetes and teeth problems include teeth decay. In class, we collected all the information, and have done many pieces of research in order to take that knowledge of prevented people from diseases to share and teach those people on the islands. In this exploration, we had a field trip go to Koh Rong and specifically work with Song Saa Foundation to teach the people in Prek Svay village to know how to take care themselves. We had prepared a play, presentations and educational games for the children in two different schools on different islands. The play is about the two cousins, that one of them get diabetes and one has teeth decay, at the end, we emerge up the solution to those problems, which to have a healthy diet, balanced diet and brushing their teeth often and correctly every time after they had had a meal. We wish that those students will take the knowledge that we share with them, and continue sharing those experiences they had with us to their parents, cousins and or their neighbors. During this trip, we also have another chance to snorkel and scuba dives to see the reefs, seagrasses and other aquatic animals such as sea stars and seahorses. This action of studying about aquatic animals, it helped us to learn why are those animals are endangered, and for us to take action to prevent those species go extinct and to educate people about the benefit of those species to our country, which also make them change their perspective on those animals. So, during this exploration, I had had an agency to change Cambodia, which one is to educate people how to take themselves and two is to educate people about the benefit of those aquatic animals.

During my fourth exploration, I studied Geology of Cambodia, we are the first ever students in Cambodia to study and explore about geology in this country. In class we learned many things about rock and how it formed, we watch videos, researching on the precise website and get the information from the American geologist. We also have three field trips, which where we see and learn more about rock and identifying the rock type. We’ve been to Kep, Kampot, Koh Kong, Ratanakiri, and Mondulkiri, which both plains are on the opposite side of Cambodia. In most part of Kep, Kampot and Koh Kong we saw much limestone and sandstone which was formed in the ocean that due to the pressure and the depth of the sea. For Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri we mostly saw basalt which is in Igneous rock type and is formed in the volcanoes’ lava. Since we the first Cambodian to study about Cambodia’s geology, we gathered as much statistics as possible to share with many other Cambodians to know what Cambodia used to look like within geology. In our sharation, we share what we learned to Cambodians and foreigners that come to see our presentation about geology. We also hope that the changes, in government schools curricula, is to add geology in their focus, which is provided more education to Cambodians all over the country.

For the last exploration, I studied Cambodia Infrastructure. Infrastructure is all the physical structure that societies, cities, and countries need in order to develop, function and increase economic growth. Infrastructure helps countries to work efficiently, attract investment and businesses, and make citizen life easier promoting the country’s economy to grow which can create more jobs to the citizens as well. Therefore, everyone in the country will benefit from infrastructure. As Liger is a change agent school, our goal is to change Cambodia. So in this exploration, we want to change the look of Cambodia within the infrastructure, including health, transportation, utilities, and agriculture. We want to build new systems, for Cambodia to work well and efficiently like other developed countries. So in order, Cambodia to be more successful we need better road systems, better technology, and better every other thing. Specifically, in this exploration, we work on Minecraft, the game to build future Phnom Penh that has better roads, better technology, and better transportation systems include the subway. We build many things that we think that it would help Cambodia especially Phnom Penh, is one of the best city in the world. We also know that if Cambodia has better infrastructure, therefore many international businesses will come into Cambodia and start their business there because the companies will produce their products efficiently, take less time transport and it all benefit them. So in this exploration, we help to see future changes for Cambodia, in order to improve Cambodia to be better and better.

So, in year five at Liger, there are three explorations that come into my mind when we talk about changing Cambodia. As we all the Liger’s students, and the future leaders of Cambodia, we need to learn about our country and try to make it better and better on. We should try hard to learn, take all the education as much as we can, and not keep it inside you, please share with others, so they get to know what Cambodia should have to make it a developed country. At the end, I hope next year, during the course of 2017-2018, I get to participate in other exploration that helps to make positive changes in Cambodia and to make it even more better.