Khmer Dance

Beyond having the Extention on the weekday, I decided to join the weekend activity which is called Khmer Dance. In this activity explicitly, we learned difference type of dances that our ancestors had retained for us. There is a history which the dances were disappeared during Khmer Rouge regime, which the Khmer Rouge leaders decided to kill all the dancers in Cambodia. But luckily there is a woman, after Khmer Rouge, trying to learn and preserved those dances for us, the next generation. Khmer Dance is a special art for ancient Khmer to express their feeling to others.

Football Training

Besides studying in the classroom and passionate about science, I really like to play football. I had joined many football activities every term including the Extension on the weekday and the activity on the weekend. Above and beyond training with the coach, I’ve been playing football in many competitions with other schools in Phnom Penh. I really love to play this game, it makes me to work as a team, to be healthy, and to reflect critically of the form I play.