Ministry Day

On Tuesday 12, January 2016 it was a Ministry Day in Liger Learning Center (LLC). In this day the Minister of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport and other high school directors in Phnom Penh about 60 people were coming to Liger for doing work shop. First, at 8 AM our Liger director, Dominic Sharpe have given a speech to the Minister and other school directors. Dom have spoken a lot of things about Liger after Dom finished his speech the Minister of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, Em Kuch give another speech to Liger and other school directors. After that we have divided the school directors and the minister into team. We have seven topic to present to them and my group is about Project-Based Learning. We start our presentation at about 8:30 AM and we have just 25 minutes to present each topic. When we hear the sound of the gong we it mean time to go to another group. After we finish 4 time of presentation we have a time to relax and have some snack about 10 minutes and then we continue our presentation to the visitors. In our Project-Based Learning team we have five examples that we want the high school on Cambodia to have such as Science Book, History Museum, Rube Goldberg, Discussion of Problem and Solution and Community Problem/Solution. After we present to all seven rounds all the school directors and the minister were having lunch. At the end we have a group picture will all the school directors and minister. It was the great day for everyone to share with the visitors. Also it can help to change the curriculum in the government schools in Cambodia.