Desalination Water

My Independent Discovery is to desalinate salty water to drinking water because there a lot of salty water and not enough drinking water. Desalination salty water to drinking water is to move salty water into the drinking water. Some of the desalination are filtering the minerals, interesting rocks and other types of crystals. I want to make this discovery because on earth there are not enough clean water for people and animal to drink. In the first three weeks I learn how to make the model of the desalinate machine and learn the basics of how it works. Then I take some materials to do a evaporation desalinate using evaporated water. First I don’t have any salt water so to do this I need to mix the water with the salt to make it salty then I serve it to make it mix together. Then I use the black plastic bags to cover the top and put the plate in the middle of the container that I use to put salty water. I tie the plastic to the container and put some rock to make it face down for the fresh water go into the plate. After a week I use the tasting machine call TDS EC to check my experiment but my experiment doesn’t work at all. I try many time but it can’t so I went back to check the basic of it again. I want to help the world with my idea.