STEM Project-based learning

STEM Project-Based Learning exploration is the following of Project-Base Learning (PBL). We have been working on our project and we want to implement our PBL curriculum to the government high school. In class we divided into two team one focus on PBL and one focus on STEM. We have created four projects to teach the government high school teachers for them to teach their students the first projects is biology; second physic; third history and last woman right. Our group were working with the teachers from two high schools, Chbar Ampov high school and Kratie Krong high school. Our first trip we went to Kratie Krong high school to train their teachers about the four topics. When we when there we were camping on the beach on Koh Truong and we have some fun at there. Also we want to follow up with the student from both schools so we went to their school again to see their students do their presentation and their final product of our PBL curriculum. After that we went to Kratie again to see the students in the Kratie Krong high school do their presentations. For the two high schools of their working hard and try our project we have some certificate that sign from the ministry. At last we take the tour to see the dolphin and go to 100 Pillars Pagoda.