Cambodia Infrastructure

For the last exploration, I studied Cambodia Infrastructure. Infrastructure is all the physical structure that societies, cities, and countries need in order to develop, function and increase economic growth. Infrastructure helps countries to work efficiently, attract investment and businesses, and make citizen life easier promoting the country’s economy to grow which can create more jobs to the citizens as well. Therefore, everyone in the country will benefit from infrastructure. As Liger is a change agent school, our goal is to change Cambodia. So in this exploration, we want to change the look of Cambodia within the infrastructure, including health, transportation, utilities, and agriculture. We want to build new systems, for Cambodia to work well and efficiently like other developed countries. So in order, Cambodia to be more successful we need better road systems, better technology, and better every other thing. Specifically, in this exploration, we work on Minecraft, the game to build future Phnom Penh that has better roads, better technology, and better transportation systems include the subway. We build many things that we think that it would help Cambodia especially Phnom Penh, is one of the best city in the world. We also know that if Cambodia has better infrastructure, therefore many international businesses will come into Cambodia and start their business there because the companies will produce their products efficiently, take less time transport and it all benefit them. So in this exploration, we help to see future changes for Cambodia, in order to improve Cambodia to be better and better.