This I Believe

This I Believe: Friendship Present Happiness

Looking back to the experiences I had had with my friends when I was studying at the government school located in Kampong Speu province. Now, I understand how much I love my friends and how much I need them to be with me. We used to laughed, played, running around and even came into an argument with each other. But at the end, we are the one that makes one another happy. So this I believe, friendships will present happiness to every one of people surrounding here.

I remembered when I was in the first grade, I was then, a little shy boy who just reached the age of being to school. I was shy, and not even talk to other because I didn’t know them. I believe that I was the smallest one in class. My mother, always brought me to school, but she returned to home afterward, suddenly I look through the window my mother was gone and I started to cry and cry. Immediately, my first-grade teacher comes up to me and asked what had happened. I didn’t answer back to her, just because I still in sobbing. Then, the sound of ringing the bell emerge into my everyone ears, but I still sit in my table and crying. In the same moment, my classmate came up to me and asked to go out and play with him. I go out and play with him, and I really how fun it is to have friends to play with you, and you never forget this moment when you first made a friendship with this person.

Three years went on, my friends moved to the different school because his parents are moving to a different place. I met new classmates and I feel really shy to talk with them, so in the first week, I was set alone in class. But, a week move on I still remembered my friend in first grade and I realized that I should make more friends, to be a happy human. So, I came up to my classmates and say hello to them, and every day on, they always call me to play with. We were really happy, so did I. We started calling each other brothers and sisters and treated each other like siblings. This lesson, of making friends are always followed my heart and myself everywhere I went.

Now, I am studying at Liger Learning Center, which all of the students are from different provinces of the country. When I met them for the first time, I knew none of them except the people who from my province, Kampong Speu. But, through what my life taught me to make friends whenever I move to somewhere new which my parents can’t be with me all the time. My new friends and I coming together and live in one family, which allows us to be happy at the same time. This I believe, wherever you go, for work, for the living or for study you need to make friends. Friends are the only elements that help you when you get down, talk with you, play with you and have fun with you. So be kind to people, and start to say hello and join with whoever you met in your life, it will change your life and you will live with happiness for all the time.