2014/2015 Yearly Reflection

When I learn in Liger school the thing that I notice that it need to change in Cambodia is stop illegal thing like logging the trees and take people land for company. The solution that I think of is teach people about the benefit of the forest and make more hard law for the people who logging. Also if the company who go to take the people land for plant the thing we can put him in the jail. Also we can take all his money to the gavorment to help the people that poor in Cambodia. Also I have been talk to my brother that don’d throw the rubbish away. But sometimes he still throw away and most of the time he not throw the rubbish a way. Also I talk to him that if all the people in Cambodia throw the rubbish away and the rubbish flying around do you feel good or not. Also in Liger I have one exploration that went to Kompong Chhnang province to teach the people about First Aid to save them when they have some small problem with their health like get small cut and ankle sprain. Also I change Cambodia by another exploration call Renewable Energy. In this class we write a proposal ask for money to help the people in HAP and Cam Kids school to build biodigesters. For one year now it still working and the people that live in HAP and the people that learn in Cam Kids are happy so much when they get the biodigesters. All this thing that I have change Cambodia and I want to make Cambodia change in the future.

Animal Guide of Cambodia Book Launch

After a full an Exploration of working on researching the information of different species of animal in Cambodia. Moreover, we’ve been continuing this research in Essential which allowed us to edit work and wrote the description of those animals. So for nearly a year or so, we finally published the book.

We went to Meta House because we had published The Illustrated Guide to Wildlife of Cambodia. It was a celebration of a project that took over two years to complete. We revealed our books and displayed over 300 of our original watercolor paintings. We sold many of each and all the money went to printing and distributing the books for government schools all around Cambodia. We believe these important books will inspire other kids in Cambodia to protect their native wildlife.


Weekly Journal Partner Check List

When I went to my hometown for my holiday it was very fun. The thing I liked is to play with my brother and played football with my friends at my old school. I also had somethings that I didn’t too. The things that disadvantage to me was all my friends they were went to learn so no one played with me also when I was at home it so boring because I did not have somethings to do and no friends to play with me. Also I have freedom when I was home compared to Liger because at home I can played and relaxed but at Liger we learned and have a lot of worked to do for example homework activities and not so many time we can relaxed a lot. I also liked Liger too because at Liger have a lot of friends to play with me and helped me. Also at Liger at the weekend we can relaxed and played some game in Lap Top like Minecraft. At the weekend we can chooses the activities to do and I can played football with my friends. But at home no one helped me a lot and played with me a lot. The same things at my home and Liger there had a lot of people played with me and helped me but at Liger there had more people that help me. The different things was in Liger there was busy then my home because in Liger had homework learned a lot and cleaning the house but at my home I just relaxed and cleaned the house also I learned too but not a lot. My home and Liger I liked them both and it have somethings that I liked and somethings that I did not liked.

Student Name: Niron

Date: 1/16/2015

Writing topic/question/project: Comparing being at home and being at Liger

Number of sentences: 12

Writing partner: Panharith


Writing Conventions Example of feedback you made
Do their sentences end with the correct punctuation mark? (ex. period, question mark, exclamation point)  
Do their sentences start with a capital letter?  
Are other proper nouns capitalized? (ex. Liger Learning Center, Exploration, JoJo, Kampong Speu, Literacy)  
Are the verbs in the correct tense for the time and person? (ex. She walked, I run, we went)  
Do their sentences have at least one verb?  
Are all words spelled correctly? Did they use spell check? Becuse —> Because


Ideas and Organization Rationale (why do you think you can check off this area)
Did they answer the question clearly?  
Is the writing interesting to you? Interesting: He show what the different at home and Liger so clearly.  
If it was a story, was there a beginning, middle and end?  
Did they use any interesting vocabulary? Example:
Are the sentences complete? Are they too long (run-on) or incomplete (fragment)?  

Any other feedback: Your written had improved now you should proud of your self!

Cosmos Description

Name of Course:  Cosmos

Learning Facilitator: Max

Number of Students: 6 students

Days we Meet: March 30 – June 12

Course Description: We learned about cosmos. In Cosmos class we used the cosmos movie to learn. We learned how  life started on Earth and how many colors of light like infrared light. We learned about planets in the universe. We understand how the Earth got hit by the big rock from space. Also who was the first person to walk on the moon. Max told and explained very clearly and easier to understand. We learned who was the first person or the scientist who found the light. Next we learned who explored the planet, found the other new planet and  the history of the stars. We learned how the Earth started to have a life.  We learned about the black hole in the universe. We learned the big hole hit by the big rock from space a long time ago. Also we learned about believe, ex: god of the Saturn in Italy. We learned how to look at the old rocks from a long time ago. The rock that we looked at is named Grand Canyon and why we know that it the old rock is we looked at the lines on the rock to find out.


My Weekly Journal_ Khmer Performance

This is the Weekly Journal that I write about Khmer Performance about Jayavarman VII:

On Sunday night we went to Diamond Island to watch the Khmer performance about King 7. When we arrived there we stopped outside to eat dinner. During dinner I saw the concert about football English Premier League. Then when we ate our dinner finished we went into the Diamond Island theater and we started to go in the place that the people were performing. When we were in there they started to say about King 7 and about Khmer Empire. Then they started to close the light and they started to perform to us and other audience. When they started they had the Champa people and Khmer people and they fought together to get the places. Some spots they had some comedy and some were sad. When King 7 went to fight with Champa they had one person that betrayed to King 7 and he wanted to become the king. Then they killed the people in Angkor that didn’t want him to become the king. Then King 7 he came back from fighting and his father died. Then the Champa people came again and then they got Khmer Empire. Then King 7 he talked to men and women sincerely to Khmer so they practiced with each other. Then King 7 started to fight Champa people back and King 7 he won the fight with Champa and he got Khmer Empire back. Then when the performance finished we came out and went on the bus. Then the sky started to rain and the road had a lot of water. When we arrived at Liger we went up to the bed and slept.

My Weekly Journal_ Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology Trip

This is my trip to Koh Kong for 2nd time:

On last week my exploration group went to Koh Kong. On the way to Koh Kong we cross Kompong Speu province and we stopped in one place that called Woods School and we stopped at there to learn about the wood. Simon told us they are some people they cut the woods to made somethings like table, house, and other things. We also learn from Simon about the people that logging they used just the inside of the wood so they put the outside in the forest. Then he started to tell us about the history of that place. He said during the Khmer Rouge there have one woman she traveled to French and she had an idea to use the outside of wood to make the table and bed and other things that can make from the outside of woods. After he say finish ho took us to the place that make the table, bed, and another thing els. After we ate lunch in Wood School finish we went on the bus and traveled more to Chi Phat. When we arrived Chi Phat we ate dinner at there. The next day we went into the forest and slept in the forest for 3 nights. First night we slept at O’malu campsite during we are there we swam at the waterfall and has found some rocks and some samples. Second day we walked to another campsite call Veal Ta Prak and we slept and ate at there. The last day in the forest we walked to Dom Nakos campsite when we walked it has a lot of leeches and I got 75 leeches but no one bit me because I heat them with the pole. In the morning we went on the small boat and rode to the place that can stopped then we went on the big boat and rowed to Chi Phat. When we arrived Chi Phat we went to eat lunch and wrote the blog and at the evening after we ate dinner then we went to our quest house and we did the reflection. Then the next day we came back to Liger.

Verb Quiz Result

This is the Verb quiz in literacy class. This quiz is about the Main verb, Helping Verb, and Verb Phrase!

23/29 – Excellent work! —> 29/29

  1. What is an action verb? Give three examples. Action verb is tell what we doing for example Run, Walk, and Drink.
  2. What is a helping verb? List four examples. Helping verb is the verb that help the action verb in the sentence more clear. For example Are, Has, Is, and Might.
  3. Does every sentence have a helping verb? No
  4. What are the parts in a verb phrase? Write me a sentence and make the verb phrase pink.

The part of verb phrase is HV + AV or + MV + Infinitive I am going to Koh Kong.

  1. Does every sentence have a main verb? YES!!!
  2. Can a sentence have more than one main verb? NO!!!
  3. Yesterday was Monday. ←- In this sentence, WAS is not a helping verb. Why not? Because it don’t have the action verb. Good!
  4. Helping verbs usually tell more about the action verb. What do they tell about the action verb? They tell when does the action verb happen. Yes!!

Write AV for action verb or HV for helping verb. If it is not a verb at all, write NO.

  1. stopping AV        6. been HV                       11. works AV
  2. at No                      7. caught AV                   12. erases AV
  3. grew AV                 8. conjugating AV        13. had HV
  4. were HV                 9. can HV                        14. worse No
  5. nice No                  10. muddiest No          15. down No
  6. Hongly ran home.

HV = No

AV = Ran

MV = Ran

VP = No

  1. Kanha and Sreypich were laughing together.

HV = were

AV = Laughing

MV = Laughing

VP = Were laughing

  1. The desk is green.

HV = No

AV = No

MV = is

VP = No

  1. Tomorrow it will rain.

HV = Will

AV = Rain

MV = Rain

VP = Will rain

  1. He was walking down the stairs.

HV = was

AV = walking

MV = walking

VP = was walking

  1. I want to go to Phnom Penh tonight.

HV = No

AV = No

MV = Want

VP = Want to go

Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology Description

Exploration Name: Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology (Eco 4)

Date: August 13 – October 03

Number of student: 12


Essential Questions:

  1. How are organisms and the non-living environment interconnected in the world around us?
  2. What is the value of TROPICAL FOREST for Cambodia?
  3. How do humans IMPACT tropical ecosystems in Cambodia?
  4. How can we use our knowledge about ECOLOGY to help improve Cambodia?


Kong Kong ( 1 week)

Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center  (1 day)


In Cambodia Tropical Forest Ecology we studied about the Ecosystems in Cambodia and all around the world. We also learned about the many Ecological Relationships in  ecosystems.

In this exploration we want to change Cambodia by giving Cambodian people the knowledge about the forest and the animals in Cambodia from our experience. We also want to protect the animals in Cambodia from the hunter also to help save the endangered animals.

Our exploration took a trip to Koh Kong to learn more about forest in Koh Kong. When we were there we went into the forest and we slept at the campsite.On our trip we walked in the forest, swam at the waterfall and slept in the forest. We also went to Mangrove forest and then we came back to Liger. We also took a trip to Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center to learn about the siamese crocodile and the moon bear and sun bear. At there we met a lot of people from Free The Bears and Flora Fauna International and they taught us about the animals in the zoo.

In the classroom we learned a lot of things and we worked on projects in small groups.   Our projects were about Ecological Relationships, different biomes around the world, Food Web in Koh Kong, Makey Makey Project, and Science Museum Blog. Our highlights are to understand how important the plants and animal are. Also to know about different organizations that help the animals and to understand clearly about their goal and how can they help Cambodia.

IMG_3925 (800x533)
                     In the Woods School.
IMG_4247 (1024x683)
      On the boat to Chi Phat community.
IMG_4747 (800x533)
      Do reflection and share some ideas.

Future Jobs Description

Exploration Name: Future Jobs

Exploration Dates: January 20th – March 7th

Number of Students: 12

Essential Questions:

  1. How will jobs that help Cambodia look different in the future?
  2. What motivates people to choose the job they do?


During the round four exploration we learned about Future Jobs. In Future Jobs we had to develop the presentation questions (ask more questions). We asked more questions because in our Exploration we had a lot of trips that taught us about the jobs in the real life. After that we learned about Nanotechnology, Water crisis and Alternative fuels. Nanotechnology is smaller than atoms. One thing we learned was that it is waterproof and can go underground without breaking. In Water crisis topic we learned that 70% of the Earth is seawater and 30% is land. But just 3% is good water. 884 million people don’t have good water and nearly 1,000,000,000 don’t have water. The last topic was Alternative fuel. We noticed that the gas can live 60 years, oil can live 60 years and coal can live 1000 years. Last we prepared for our job shadow on the next day. Job shadow means to go to the real place of work to do the job with the people that are in the job that helps Cambodia a lot. All of us went to different places with our partner. For example, some of us went to World Vision and some went to Northbridge International School.

future jobs (12)
                 Group picture in class.
future jobs (2)
                                   In SGFE.