Khmer History Book Summary

Summary of the Cambodia’s History During the French Colonization

Once over time, during the French Colonization in Cambodia from 1863 to 1953, everyone in the country was busy with, the foreign invaded the country. Many and many chiefs always have met with the king at Udong, to protect the country from French leader and Vietnam. Many citizens waive their life to defend this nation, and many leaders gathered villagers for their troops to fight back against Vietnam. But sadly, those leaders were getting kill by Vietnamese soldier, which they famously buried them only to emerge the head where they put to secure the pot to boil water. Cambodian never gives up to fight back to bring peace and freedom to this country.

This story was first to take place in a house covered with tiles roof, mangoes trees and other plants everywhere. This is where one of the leaders who sacrificed his life for this country live. Ji-Sva is the steward of a tycoon couples house, and he is working very very hard every day, also loyal to his landlords. The husband tycoon was really busy every day at the royal palace for meetings. Ji-Sva listens quietly and heard what the meeting about, so Ji-Sva feel upset and angry to Vietnam. Ji-Sva hated Vietnam more and more over time, so he decides that this is the time he should leave the tycoon’s house and find destiny to fight back against Vietnam. He also changed his name to Ah-Jah Sva. During an evening at the rice field, Ah-Jah Sva met at the guy who has the shovel on his shoulder and looks like he been suffering from something. So, Ah-Jah Sva asks him what happened, and it all about Vietnam invaded the country, took control the villages and take everything that belongs to the villagers. Ah-Jah Sva feel sad, and know that this is his time to revenge Vietnam, so he told the guy that he is prince “Phim” the some of the previous king “Em”, who fled away from the country to Thailand and want to come back to fight against the foreigners. The guy decided to join Ah-Jah Sva, to help out other Cambodians. Ah-Jah Sva, picked the guy to be his assistant and started to mobilize the citizens to join him and fight over Vietnamese. Ah-Jah Sva told the villagers that he is prince Phim the son of the king Em, who fled to Thailand and wanted to help out the country against foreign invaders. Everyone started to believe him, and know that he has a magical tactic in war. He leads the group and faced Vietnamese in war, and Vietnamese are all run away out of line and scared of Ah-Jah Sva’s armies from that day on. Speaking of the tycoon and the king at Udong knows that Ah-Jah Sva mobilized armies and fight back against the foreigners, they get really happy and touted him. Even though, Vietnam’s armies run away in the village that Ah-Jah Sva control, there are many places that Vietnam invaded and also been fighting back against them by the royal’s armies. Many and many centurions, had led armies and fight back against Vietnam but almost all of them are were defeated.

This is where the second place where Ah-Jah Sva moved to call, “Veang Snore”. He told his assistant, to meet with the chief in that village and call him to join the group. Ah-Jah Sva’s troops started to get bigger and bigger, and every Vietnamese troop also scared this troops. Ah-Jah Sva, was too happy, the pride of his victory, and forget about his purpose on fighting against Vietnam he ends up going to war with the same race, which Cambodians fight with Cambodians. Ah-Jah Sva has killed many country loyal leaders because he was crazy with his power and want to be famous. Ah-Jah Sva continues fighting against French armies and the king’s armies, till his troops were almost eliminated by the king. King Norodom, was mad and unhappy with what Ah-Jah Sva have done, not fight against the foreign but fight against the same race, so the king announced to all the citizens who able to capture Ah-Jah Sva alive will be giving a price. Time went on, Ah-Jah Sva and his assistant were in threat one by the king’s armies and two Vietnam’s armies were coming back to Cambodia. After knowing that the king is hunting him, Ah-Jah Sva told his man to kill some of the king soldiers and the citizens who disagree with his discipline.

Ah-Jah Sva moved to a different location called, “Mort Jruok” and told his assistant to go and convince the village chief to join him. The village chief thought was a secret spy from the king who was willing to join Ah-Jah Sva in order to capture him alive. They talk and talk until they reached the agreement to meet with Ah-Jah Sva and the camp. Vietnam heard the information that Ah-Jah Sva was hunted by the king, so Vietnam takes that opportunity to kill Ah-Jah Sva who had defeated them once. Vietnamese armies surrounded the camp and want to capture Ah-Jah Sva, so his loyal assistant told Ah-Jah Sva to stay in the hole whether something happened do not come out. Ah-Jah Sva was out alive with his assistant from Vietnam’s armies but all his troops were running away from them. Ah-Jah Sva and Doung, the assistant run to a pagoda and took it as the place to hide. The two soldiers leaders wanted the price from the king, so they followed Ah-Jah Sva to the pagoda and looking for him. Ah-Jah Sva was founded hiding on the ceiling at the pagoda, so the both of the soldiers take their gun and scared Ah-Jah Sva to come down. But sadly, Ah-Jah Sva was too afraid and lose his hand to the ceiling and fall down dead at the moment.

After Ah-Jah was found dead, the two receive their price as the commune chief. But still France didn’t give us back the independent and they scared of people will get up and fight against them back, so they give the king less power and can only stay in the palace.

This is one of the sad story in Cambodia’s history, which Cambodia fall dramatically and all the foreigners trying to invade this country. From this history, I am Cambodian myself shouldn’t repeat this moment again in the future. I salute to all the Cambodian who fight back for the freedom of the country and bring back the independent. Thanks to king Norodom Sihanouk, for all his hard work, to help all Cambodian to bring and asked back the independent from France, on the day of 9th, November 1953.


Football Competition With EYC

Every weekend we trained and play football toughly. We try really hard to focus on our game and do different drills that the coach introduced. The coach also works hard to coach us, and we were divided into position. For me, I play as a defender, with the dominance of height of 1.73 meters I can quickly head the ball away. So for all of those training and play, we finally come face to face with another team from the Empowering Youth in Cambodia or known as EYC. The game started from juniors team into seniors girls team, for the two-games, we really have the advantage of winning, the girls and juniors boys were playing hard and competitive. So this is the senior’s boys team, EYC’s players are tall and physical, my team and they played really heavy on each other. The final minutes were nearly finished, suddenly I scored and goal and provide an assist as a defender. So even though we, Liger win the game, we still having lunch together, with EYC, and chat with each other.