Physic Behind Superhero Research

This year we get real deep into physic. We study about different physic in waves. Moreover, we get to do a lot of fun stuff, for example, researching about physic behind our favorite superhero in Marvel. My task was to choose a superhero and connect their superpowers to the laws of physics, identifying which parts of your hero’s powers might be possible, and which parts might not be so possible. Moreover, we needed to make a poster that demonstrates what is our researching paper is about.

My favorite superhero is Thor. I researched a lot about his hammer, Mjolnir; moreover, I also researched how Thor able to fly using his hammer. In this way, we can understand more about the physics that we never knew before but most importantly we can connect what we already learned to our superhero. Here is the research paper.

Although this project kind of difficult to research about, I really enjoy doing the research, especially get to learn more about your favorite superhero. This project allows me to understand more about the physic concept that I already learned particularly the new physic concept that I never know before.


After an annual paucity of physic, we finally evoked this significant topic into our Essential. After a full understanding about Newton’s Laws, currently, we are focusing on Static Equilibrium, frictions, and inclined plane. I’ve been going through many exercises in class, as well as the coefficient of static friction lab. This is legitimately important to Liger’s students as well as me.