2015/2016 Yearly Reflection

In the fourth year at the Liger Learning Center I have done two things to change my country, Cambodia. By learning in two different explorations but have the same goal to change current Cambodian curricular in the government school. The first exploration called Project-based learning (PBL) and second PBL/STEM. In the first exploration we want to change current Cambodia curricular so we went to two high school in Phnom Penh. We went there because we want to know their current school curriculum so we can understand their learning. When we when there we have interviewed both the student and teacher to get what the teacher and student think about their current curriculum. The thing that we help to change was when we came back to our school with all the information we started to make some projects for the student to try about PBL. We also follow up with them to give some idea of projects that they can do. The second exploration with the request of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport we have done something similar to my first exploration to change Cambodia. So we went to Krojes Krong high school in Kratie province to guide the teacher about PBL and STEM. So in this exploration we help to change the way of the learning in the classroom. For most of the government school in Cambodia teacher usually wrote something on the board and let student copy down and wrote in their notebook. So in our project we want to give more chance to the students to share their ideas and they can do that project with their friends if they want.

Visited the Killing Field Reflection

The comparison of the actual place and my idea, in my views, there will be a lot of old building from the Khmer Rouge regime, but they all are destroyed. Also, I think that there was only one killing field around Cambodia, but it actually has a lot of killing fields.

My significant feeling when I went to the killing field was really upset with the ideology of genocide that Pol Pot has.

The things that I have learned/known is that after the killer kills a group of people, then the killer got murdered by another killer. Also, I learn that the Khmer Rouge army knew how to make the poison to put on the dead body and make sure that the people that they killed were actually dead. The last thing that I have learned is that before they use Choeung Ek as the killing field, it was a place for the Chinese to bury their family dead body.

The two questions that I still have are 1. Where the head of the headless dead body that was killed there? And 2. I wonder why in the late 1978s the Khmer Rouge is divided into two teams and why they kill each other?

This trip makes me felt that I need to learn more about the history of Cambodia and be more be careful with the future of Cambodia as I am one of the Cambodian.