Literacy: American Civil War Poem

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American Civil War,

Caused the whole country to struggle

The war between the North and the South,

Through oppositions that had  been aroused.


The first reason is the Climate and Slavery,

The main reason caused the huge tragedy

The weather is hot in the South,

Depending on slaves in every house.


The nutritious soil in the region,

Allowed them almost year-round growing seasons

They need workers who’ll work for free

So they brought and support the slavery.


Growing and harvesting of such crops as rice, cotton, and tobacco

Allowing their economy to grow.

Southerners enslaved Black Africans for free labor

To increase their production in agriculture.


As in the North the temperate weather

Has low dependant of cheap farmers

They rely on the growth of an industry

The reason that made them opposed to slavery.


The second cause is lacking of compromise,

The two regions only cared about their own enterprise,

The South wanted to count the slaves as white people

To increase the number of representatives in the Capitol.


At the same time they don’t want the “same blacks included in the number of citizens”

“For which the states had to pay taxes to the central government.”

As in the North there were less slave,

Losing the election


The two regions deeply disagreed on other issues, such as the states’ rights

Also the main reason that led them to fight.

The South became so inflamed with this controversy,

“which 630,000 young Americans died in the bloodiest war of [their] history.”


The South creating their own culture,

Created “a ruling class with economic interests, political ideals” and strong code of honor.

The South become even more violent,

It is one of the reasons that  led to the mounting tension.


The main causes of the American Civil War,

Not enough compromises in the federal

Different perspectives on the government

Also the different opinions on slaves dependant.


Those were the reasons behind the tragedy

Causing thousands death and injury

The war lasted about 4 years,

630 thousands Americans had disappeared.


The victory went to the North, led by President Lincoln,

The hero to millions of slaves and an Americans icon.

Fighting in the bloodiest war in the history,

Ended the dependent on slavery.

A Group of Tests Versus A Pride of Ligers

As we get closer to the final term of the year I personally need to sprint; there no time to walk and enjoy the moments. There are many projects and lessons we need to complete both for the facilitators and students. Specifically, during the month of May, we have a lot of big tests; for me, this year I’ve studied the AP Statistic in one of the essential-math. We are ages 14 to 16-year-olds. If we do well in this college-level course, we will gain credit toward studying at the college abroad in the future. Since this is a college level concept and it’s already hard for us but most importantly we are the second language learners so this will add another step of difficulty. We’ve been practice on doing the test that already exists with the given time. Finally, the day comes, on the 17th of May, a group of us took the test with a lot of pressure. Oppositely, we feel relief after the test, where we can rest our shoulder from the concept that we already study for a school year.

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Besides, on the 21st and 22nd of May, we took another test-MAP that encompasses Language, Reading, and Math. This test would allow both the facilitators and us as students to see how we have improved since last year and what we need to keep our head on. I feel really excited afterward although I’m a bit nervous at first.

Nefarious November Short Stories

Nefarious November is the time that we read many different stories that are about murder, scary, witchcraft, and many other blood-curdling short stories. After finishing one of the short stories we are creating a PACE response about difference literacy devices such as irony, foreshadowing, and symbolism to show ours comprehend, practice providing textual evidence, and improve the writing skills. We had read the “Lamb to the Slaughter”, “The Landlady”, “The Black Cat”, and “The Tell-Tale Heart”, by Roald Dahl and the Master of Horror, Edgar Allan Poe. Here is one of the PACE response to foreshadowing device:

“The Landlady” by Roald Dahl

November 20, 2017

Foreshadowing is an advance sign or warning of what is the upcoming, in the future of the story. The author uses foreshadowing to add dramatic tension to the story by building anticipation about what might happen next. Authors also use foreshadowing to create suspense or to communicate information to help the readers to understand what will come. In the story, “The Landlady,” Roald Dahl uses many foreshadowing to assemble reader’s mind toward the story. In this short story, there are many traces of foreshadowing that Roald Dahl uses. As the story stated, “But my dear boy, he never left. He’s still here. Mr. Temple is also here. They’re on the third floor, both of them together.” This demonstrates one textual evidence that readers can presume that something must have happened in the story; for me as a reader, I can infer that the landlady already stuffed Mr. Temple and Mulholland and kept them on the third floor together and now she is waiting to stuff Billy as well. For example, “The tea tasted faintly of bitter almonds, and he didn’t care for it…” This is where the readers are able to anticipate the story that the landlady is attempting to poison Billy in order to stuff him like the other two. As the quote stated, “Everyone has to do that because it’s the law of the land, and we don’t want to go breaking any laws at this stage in the proceedings, do we?”  This verification, the readers can indicate that the landlady also going to murder Billy as stated that she is going to break the laws in the future, which is to kill Billy. So Roald Dahl uses a lot of foreshadowing in this short story in order to engage reader’s mind into his story in order to predict the story ahead as they notice one evidence in the story.

Narrative Essay

It Began With the Paper

“Why do I have to do this?” It was the mid-year of my grade five curricula. This was not what I’ve learned in class, now I have to do this? I should be sitting at my table with friends and enjoy the break, so why do I need to come here and do this? It’s only a piece of paper, can it change my future or my whole life? Will I pass the test? Will I get the scholarship to this mysterious school? The bell ring, time is up and then it’s the last chance for me to finish up the paper. 

This is the personal narrative that I been working on in literacy Essential. This essay is about the coming of age experiences, all of the Liger students have different coming of age situation. 

Khmer History Book Summary

Summary of the Cambodia’s History During the French Colonization

Once over time, during the French Colonization in Cambodia from 1863 to 1953, everyone in the country was busy with, the foreign invaded the country. Many and many chiefs always have met with the king at Udong, to protect the country from French leader and Vietnam. Many citizens waive their life to defend this nation, and many leaders gathered villagers for their troops to fight back against Vietnam. But sadly, those leaders were getting kill by Vietnamese soldier, which they famously buried them only to emerge the head where they put to secure the pot to boil water. Cambodian never gives up to fight back to bring peace and freedom to this country.

This story was first to take place in a house covered with tiles roof, mangoes trees and other plants everywhere. This is where one of the leaders who sacrificed his life for this country live. Ji-Sva is the steward of a tycoon couples house, and he is working very very hard every day, also loyal to his landlords. The husband tycoon was really busy every day at the royal palace for meetings. Ji-Sva listens quietly and heard what the meeting about, so Ji-Sva feel upset and angry to Vietnam. Ji-Sva hated Vietnam more and more over time, so he decides that this is the time he should leave the tycoon’s house and find destiny to fight back against Vietnam. He also changed his name to Ah-Jah Sva. During an evening at the rice field, Ah-Jah Sva met at the guy who has the shovel on his shoulder and looks like he been suffering from something. So, Ah-Jah Sva asks him what happened, and it all about Vietnam invaded the country, took control the villages and take everything that belongs to the villagers. Ah-Jah Sva feel sad, and know that this is his time to revenge Vietnam, so he told the guy that he is prince “Phim” the some of the previous king “Em”, who fled away from the country to Thailand and want to come back to fight against the foreigners. The guy decided to join Ah-Jah Sva, to help out other Cambodians. Ah-Jah Sva, picked the guy to be his assistant and started to mobilize the citizens to join him and fight over Vietnamese. Ah-Jah Sva told the villagers that he is prince Phim the son of the king Em, who fled to Thailand and wanted to help out the country against foreign invaders. Everyone started to believe him, and know that he has a magical tactic in war. He leads the group and faced Vietnamese in war, and Vietnamese are all run away out of line and scared of Ah-Jah Sva’s armies from that day on. Speaking of the tycoon and the king at Udong knows that Ah-Jah Sva mobilized armies and fight back against the foreigners, they get really happy and touted him. Even though, Vietnam’s armies run away in the village that Ah-Jah Sva control, there are many places that Vietnam invaded and also been fighting back against them by the royal’s armies. Many and many centurions, had led armies and fight back against Vietnam but almost all of them are were defeated.

This is where the second place where Ah-Jah Sva moved to call, “Veang Snore”. He told his assistant, to meet with the chief in that village and call him to join the group. Ah-Jah Sva’s troops started to get bigger and bigger, and every Vietnamese troop also scared this troops. Ah-Jah Sva, was too happy, the pride of his victory, and forget about his purpose on fighting against Vietnam he ends up going to war with the same race, which Cambodians fight with Cambodians. Ah-Jah Sva has killed many country loyal leaders because he was crazy with his power and want to be famous. Ah-Jah Sva continues fighting against French armies and the king’s armies, till his troops were almost eliminated by the king. King Norodom, was mad and unhappy with what Ah-Jah Sva have done, not fight against the foreign but fight against the same race, so the king announced to all the citizens who able to capture Ah-Jah Sva alive will be giving a price. Time went on, Ah-Jah Sva and his assistant were in threat one by the king’s armies and two Vietnam’s armies were coming back to Cambodia. After knowing that the king is hunting him, Ah-Jah Sva told his man to kill some of the king soldiers and the citizens who disagree with his discipline.

Ah-Jah Sva moved to a different location called, “Mort Jruok” and told his assistant to go and convince the village chief to join him. The village chief thought was a secret spy from the king who was willing to join Ah-Jah Sva in order to capture him alive. They talk and talk until they reached the agreement to meet with Ah-Jah Sva and the camp. Vietnam heard the information that Ah-Jah Sva was hunted by the king, so Vietnam takes that opportunity to kill Ah-Jah Sva who had defeated them once. Vietnamese armies surrounded the camp and want to capture Ah-Jah Sva, so his loyal assistant told Ah-Jah Sva to stay in the hole whether something happened do not come out. Ah-Jah Sva was out alive with his assistant from Vietnam’s armies but all his troops were running away from them. Ah-Jah Sva and Doung, the assistant run to a pagoda and took it as the place to hide. The two soldiers leaders wanted the price from the king, so they followed Ah-Jah Sva to the pagoda and looking for him. Ah-Jah Sva was founded hiding on the ceiling at the pagoda, so the both of the soldiers take their gun and scared Ah-Jah Sva to come down. But sadly, Ah-Jah Sva was too afraid and lose his hand to the ceiling and fall down dead at the moment.

After Ah-Jah was found dead, the two receive their price as the commune chief. But still France didn’t give us back the independent and they scared of people will get up and fight against them back, so they give the king less power and can only stay in the palace.

This is one of the sad story in Cambodia’s history, which Cambodia fall dramatically and all the foreigners trying to invade this country. From this history, I am Cambodian myself shouldn’t repeat this moment again in the future. I salute to all the Cambodian who fight back for the freedom of the country and bring back the independent. Thanks to king Norodom Sihanouk, for all his hard work, to help all Cambodian to bring and asked back the independent from France, on the day of 9th, November 1953.


Argument Essay: Pygmalion Play

In the fifth years at Liger, it seem like everything has changed. One of the thing that had changed at Liger is English Literacy class. In our English class we had read a play name Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw and I wrote an argument essay about one of the character in the movies which is Eliza Doolittle.

Would you believe that an uneducated woman who is optimistic, can she improves her life? The play: Pygmalion, by George Bernard Shaw. Eliza Doolittle is a flower girl, who find the opportunity to improve her life by learning with Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering to read and speak proper English. Eliza Doolittle’s both internal and external characteristic had changed. Even though she has changed both, the internal and external characteristic, but it seems she most likely has changed her external characteristic more than internal characteristic.

Eliza Doolittle is the main character in the play Pygmalion, and the audiences meet her in Act I. At the beginning of Act I, Eliza acts like she is an immature girl who is dramatic, always whines and cries, whenever someone touches, hurts or says something to her just a bit. Eliza said, “Ah—ow—ooh! [Picking up a couple of florins] Aaah—ow—ooh! [Pick-ing up several coins] Aaaaaah—ow—ooh! [Picking up a half-sovereign] Aaaaaaaaaaah—ow—ooh!!!” she cries and whines and acts like she is a little girl who had been hurt by others. This demonstrates how she is acting like an immature girl because she lacks self-confidence .

At the beginning of Act I, Eliza acts like she is an immature girl who is dramatic and always cries and whines, whenever someone hurt her a bit. But at the end of Act V, her internal characteristic changes, from the immature girl to a proper lady. But at the end of Act V Eliza comes back to Higgins’s laboratory, wore beautiful Victorian clothes with a work-basket and said confidently to Professor Higgins, “How do you do, Professor Higgins? Are you quite well?” Here she knows how to talk properly and have self-confidence for herself to do a small talk with Professor Higgins and Colonel Pickering.

Eliza Doolittle’s both internal and external characteristic had changed. Even though she has changed both the internal and external but it seems like she most likely to change her external characteristic, more than internal characteristic. The evidence shows that in Act I Eliza is an immature girl who whines and cries a lot, but at the end of Act V she has more confidence in herself.

Literacy 2016-2017

This year is different from the years before, this year we mostly focus on reading, writing and speaking. At the beginning of the year we were reading one play name Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, in class we were reading it out loud and some part we acted the the action from the play out to the class. After we read some part of the play we summarized it to our team. After we finished an Act in from the play, we always work in the team to answer our two main question, which are: What is identity? And another one: Can identity changes? Also for reading we not just read the play, our teacher also make a reading group for us and we picked our own reading book, and my book called Into the Wild. Now in the middle of the school year, we focusing on paraphrasing the ads meaning from different advertisements. Down there is my work that I had read the articles through website and paraphrase it:

Panharith Yav
December 14th, 2016
Literacy 2

Gender Roles in Advertisements

Currently there are many advertisers who used gender roles in their advertisement to attract customers, especially the images shows the stereotype of men and women. Gender roles affect viewer’s identity in many ways such as behavior and their perspective.

The New York Times, stated that most of the advertisements use men ads in the negative way because they think it funny and it’s the way to attract customers. They had changed from women stereotypes to men stereotypes. Some department said that, “the way the advertiser using men ads in negative way, it is not a good way to build relationship with customers.” This effect the young boy’s identity by the way that they get the idea of being males are bad if they not used the product so boy will think that they must used that product to be a good looking men.

According to Allison Lantagne from the Huffington Post, gender roles in advertising are influenced everyone even little kids. Nowaday, more and more ads are not using traditional gender roles any more, they start to show that men can do houseworks and women can works outside of the house. It affects the viewer’s identity by the way that men and women are having gender equality, so that mean men can works outside of the house and women can work outside of the house too.

In conclusion, there are many advertisers who use traditional gender roles in their ads. But currently there are some departments who stop the traditional gender roles in ads and focus on fair advertisements.

Work Cited
Lantagne, Allison. “Gender Roles in Media.” The Huffington Post. Web. 13 Dec. 2016.

Courtney Kane, “Men Are Becoming the Ad Target of the Gender Sneer,” The New York Times, Jan. 28, 2005.

Slam Poetry_Team

“My Daddy Gift”

He said that I never be a good kid for him never ever,

But sorry dad I wish I’ll be a better kid one day.

I always want what I shouldn’t receive,

New shoes, new clothes, and other things.

They said that you not a good father,

But it seems like they all wrong.


Mama always told me that you always care about me,

But I never believe her, until I see the truth,

You really love me in the way,

That I never notice about you

And now you gone, gone forever.

Should I be forgiven by you, should I?


You left me what I want, shoes, clothes that you’ve worked hard to get it

Everything that you’ve done is for me and our family

I wonder, do you ever think about yourself

I guess, you never think about yourself

You always think about me and our family,

Now, new shoes, new clothes and everything new,


It’s not important to me anymore,

And now you gone, it just an empty world without you

I really, really, really, want you back,

But now it too late, sorry dad,

I really sorry, sorry for everything

That I have done to you


Slam Poetry_Individual


“We Are Not Terrorist,  But We From Middle East

We know what you think about us

Violence wars and terrorist.

Because we are the one, who from the Middle East

Do you know our feeling?

I know you do, but you don’t care.


You said we are terrorists

So you didn’t let us enter your beautiful land, countries

So do you know that,

There are millions and millions of us

And there just a tiny small percent who are terrorists.


But you didn’t see or feel about us,

We need help, that’s why we try to enter your home

And you shot us down, phong phang, like we were wild wolves

Because you think that we are terrorists

And it actually because, we from the Middle East.


Millions of us dying crying and waiting for help

But no one, I mean none of the world cares

That’s why we try to enter your home.

Why wouldn’t you let us enter your homes

Because we are from the Middle East.


You only care about your country first

We understand that, also

You think that if you let us enter your country

You worried that we will bring problem there,

Because you think that we are terrorists and because we from the Middle East.


Is where you live show about your identity?

You think we are terrorists,

Because we from the Middle East.

Why why and why,

There only one answer, because we from the Middle East.


We know our countries have wars for many many years,

Aircrafts floating on the sky everywhere

As so the tanks moving toward the combat fields

The blue sky turning to dark cloudy sky

And the bombs explode everywhere.


I can’t change my past,

Even though we from the Middle East,

It doesn’t mean we are terrorist,

We tried to find a peaceful place, shade to rest,

That why we leaved the Middle East.


We are not terrorist,

We are really not terrorist,

We are really really not terrorist,

But we from the Middle East

And, we actually from the Middle East.

English Pronunciation

In Liger we have one curriculum called Expertise and we learn in this curriculum for being the expert of something. One of my expertise is English pronunciation, I learn this lesson because I want to improve my English. In this class we have three things to work on first is speak slowly, second speak loudly and third speak clearly to speak English as well as I can because English isn’t my first language. In the first week we chose a song in English to listen in a small team of two students then, learn how to sing and pronounces the words clearly. Then we go back the big group and sing the song as the same as the singer as we can and pronounce the words clearly. The next week we have the paragraph in English and we divided into team again and we share the speech in the small team than we stand up and read our speech out loud to the big team. Then we start to learn the specific words like Australia and Hospital and we want to put the stress in the right syllable. Now I feel like I had improved my English and I felt really proud of myself.