Weekly Journal Partner Check List

When I went to my hometown for my holiday it was very fun. The thing I liked is to play with my brother and played football with my friends at my old school. I also had somethings that I didn’t too. The things that disadvantage to me was all my friends they were went to learn so no one played with me also when I was at home it so boring because I did not have somethings to do and no friends to play with me. Also I have freedom when I was home compared to Liger because at home I can played and relaxed but at Liger we learned and have a lot of worked to do for example homework activities and not so many time we can relaxed a lot. I also liked Liger too because at Liger have a lot of friends to play with me and helped me. Also at Liger at the weekend we can relaxed and played some game in Lap Top like Minecraft. At the weekend we can chooses the activities to do and I can played football with my friends. But at home no one helped me a lot and played with me a lot. The same things at my home and Liger there had a lot of people played with me and helped me but at Liger there had more people that help me. The different things was in Liger there was busy then my home because in Liger had homework learned a lot and cleaning the house but at my home I just relaxed and cleaned the house also I learned too but not a lot. My home and Liger I liked them both and it have somethings that I liked and somethings that I did not liked.

Student Name: Niron

Date: 1/16/2015

Writing topic/question/project: Comparing being at home and being at Liger

Number of sentences: 12

Writing partner: Panharith


Writing Conventions Example of feedback you made
Do their sentences end with the correct punctuation mark? (ex. period, question mark, exclamation point)  
Do their sentences start with a capital letter?  
Are other proper nouns capitalized? (ex. Liger Learning Center, Exploration, JoJo, Kampong Speu, Literacy)  
Are the verbs in the correct tense for the time and person? (ex. She walked, I run, we went)  
Do their sentences have at least one verb?  
Are all words spelled correctly? Did they use spell check? Becuse —> Because


Ideas and Organization Rationale (why do you think you can check off this area)
Did they answer the question clearly?  
Is the writing interesting to you? Interesting: He show what the different at home and Liger so clearly.  
If it was a story, was there a beginning, middle and end?  
Did they use any interesting vocabulary? Example:
Are the sentences complete? Are they too long (run-on) or incomplete (fragment)?  

Any other feedback: Your written had improved now you should proud of your self!