Nefarious November Short Stories

Nefarious November is the time that we read many different stories that are about murder, scary, witchcraft, and many other blood-curdling short stories. After finishing one of the short stories we are creating a PACE response about difference literacy devices such as irony, foreshadowing, and symbolism to show ours comprehend, practice providing textual evidence, and improve the writing skills. We had read the “Lamb to the Slaughter”, “The Landlady”, “The Black Cat”, and “The Tell-Tale Heart”, by Roald Dahl and the Master of Horror, Edgar Allan Poe. Here is one of the PACE response to foreshadowing device:

“The Landlady” by Roald Dahl

November 20, 2017

Foreshadowing is an advance sign or warning of what is the upcoming, in the future of the story. The author uses foreshadowing to add dramatic tension to the story by building anticipation about what might happen next. Authors also use foreshadowing to create suspense or to communicate information to help the readers to understand what will come. In the story, “The Landlady,” Roald Dahl uses many foreshadowing to assemble reader’s mind toward the story. In this short story, there are many traces of foreshadowing that Roald Dahl uses. As the story stated, “But my dear boy, he never left. He’s still here. Mr. Temple is also here. They’re on the third floor, both of them together.” This demonstrates one textual evidence that readers can presume that something must have happened in the story; for me as a reader, I can infer that the landlady already stuffed Mr. Temple and Mulholland and kept them on the third floor together and now she is waiting to stuff Billy as well. For example, “The tea tasted faintly of bitter almonds, and he didn’t care for it…” This is where the readers are able to anticipate the story that the landlady is attempting to poison Billy in order to stuff him like the other two. As the quote stated, “Everyone has to do that because it’s the law of the land, and we don’t want to go breaking any laws at this stage in the proceedings, do we?”  This verification, the readers can indicate that the landlady also going to murder Billy as stated that she is going to break the laws in the future, which is to kill Billy. So Roald Dahl uses a lot of foreshadowing in this short story in order to engage reader’s mind into his story in order to predict the story ahead as they notice one evidence in the story.

Khmer Poetry

At the Liger Leadership Academy, we not only study English, we also study Khmer which is our first language. We have been working on many projects in Khmer Class, one of them is the poem. There are many types of poems in Khmer also we can perform it in many ways like singing them. One of my poems about my province which is Kampong Speu. I include all the districts, the beautifulness, and comparison in my province.

Assisted Khmer Sight Foundation at Cam Kids

On Saturday, November 18th I went to my hometown in order to accomplish a goal which to help out the community I was from. It was a full day for 9 other Liger students and I as we assisted in our mission with the Khmer Sight Foundation at Camkids at Krang Chek commune. We help to register patients, administered vision tests and eye drops, translated between the patients and doctors. Our day was made more special because we got to do some volunteering in the clinic as the surgeries were taking place. After a haft day of helping our the patients there, we blissfully brought them back with us on the bus to the clinic. At the clinic, I have helped one of the doctors to take the x-ray of the patient’s eyes. Moreover, one of the head doctors there told us that we have changed and brought back one of the lady sights, because of us she will able to clearly see again. This is my pleasure that I have the opportunity to help out my commune. I also wish that I have more chances to benefit my country and my people, Cambodian.

Journey Of Change Bike Tour

During the second term in the school year of 2017-2018, I accompanied in Journeys of Change bike tour business. Primary our mission is to create a tour for visitors to the Phnom Penh area that shares everyday Cambodian life and explains the changes that have occurred and are occurring in our country, while being environmentally conscious, support the local economies that we tour through, train Liger students in responsible tourism, provide cross-cultural opportunities for visitors and Liger students, create job opportunities for Liger students to have funds for higher education and/or starting their own business in the future.

We study it in exploration, which we have the chance to go to Battambang province to study about bike tour from another bike business, Soksabike. So far we have been guided two trips for the press that visited Liger Leadership Academy and our students and staffs. With a little time of researching the information, we have picked ten stops that we want to interact the tourists with Cambodian lifestyles. Join Us! Cambodian Insights: Past and Future Bike Tour. Keep on updating!