2014/2015 Yearly Reflection

When I learn in Liger school the thing that I notice that it need to change in Cambodia is stop illegal thing like logging the trees and take people land for company. The solution that I think of is teach people about the benefit of the forest and make more hard law for the people who logging. Also if the company who go to take the people land for plant the thing we can put him in the jail. Also we can take all his money to the gavorment to help the people that poor in Cambodia. Also I have been talk to my brother that don’d throw the rubbish away. But sometimes he still throw away and most of the time he not throw the rubbish a way. Also I talk to him that if all the people in Cambodia throw the rubbish away and the rubbish flying around do you feel good or not. Also in Liger I have one exploration that went to Kompong Chhnang province to teach the people about First Aid to save them when they have some small problem with their health like get small cut and ankle sprain. Also I change Cambodia by another exploration call Renewable Energy. In this class we write a proposal ask for money to help the people in HAP and Cam Kids school to build biodigesters. For one year now it still working and the people that live in HAP and the people that learn in Cam Kids are happy so much when they get the biodigesters. All this thing that I have change Cambodia and I want to make Cambodia change in the future.