Literacy 2016-2017

This year is different from the years before, this year we mostly focus on reading, writing and speaking. At the beginning of the year we were reading one play name Pygmalion by George Bernard Shaw, in class we were reading it out loud and some part we acted the the action from the play out to the class. After we read some part of the play we summarized it to our team. After we finished an Act in from the play, we always work in the team to answer our two main question, which are: What is identity? And another one: Can identity changes? Also for reading we not just read the play, our teacher also make a reading group for us and we picked our own reading book, and my book called Into the Wild. Now in the middle of the school year, we focusing on paraphrasing the ads meaning from different advertisements. Down there is my work that I had read the articles through website and paraphrase it:

Panharith Yav
December 14th, 2016
Literacy 2

Gender Roles in Advertisements

Currently there are many advertisers who used gender roles in their advertisement to attract customers, especially the images shows the stereotype of men and women. Gender roles affect viewer’s identity in many ways such as behavior and their perspective.

The New York Times, stated that most of the advertisements use men ads in the negative way because they think it funny and it’s the way to attract customers. They had changed from women stereotypes to men stereotypes. Some department said that, “the way the advertiser using men ads in negative way, it is not a good way to build relationship with customers.” This effect the young boy’s identity by the way that they get the idea of being males are bad if they not used the product so boy will think that they must used that product to be a good looking men.

According to Allison Lantagne from the Huffington Post, gender roles in advertising are influenced everyone even little kids. Nowaday, more and more ads are not using traditional gender roles any more, they start to show that men can do houseworks and women can works outside of the house. It affects the viewer’s identity by the way that men and women are having gender equality, so that mean men can works outside of the house and women can work outside of the house too.

In conclusion, there are many advertisers who use traditional gender roles in their ads. But currently there are some departments who stop the traditional gender roles in ads and focus on fair advertisements.

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Preventative Health Exploration

First of all, I really happy to be in this exploration! These were the best experiences for me. I had learned a lot of things from this exploration. On trip, the people at the islands and Song Saa foundation was so friendly to us and I really exited to go there and learn with them again. My favorite experience were snorkeled to see the coral reef at Song Saa’s private reef, scuba diving closer to the coral reef, hiked to the waterfall, snorkeled to find seahorse in seagrasses meadow, saw a lot of jellyfish and starfish and to see the bioluminescent for my first time.

Most of those experience are my first time, and I really proud of myself to be in this exploration and get to learn about those things. I had learned a lot about the three main ecosystem in marine which is seagrasses meadow, coral reef and mangrove when I was there. I really exited to share my knowledge that I got from this exploration with other people on the island and to see people at there, they are really healthy. In class I really exited about the play that our group had organized to share with the people on the island, also I had learned a lot from the play.

The things that I had learned from the play are how to floss. This is my first time to learn how to floss and it also my new experience, the reason that we need to floss because it can clear out the bacteria that stuck to your teeth and between your teeth and gum. Also, how to keep you healthy. To keep you healthy you need to eat balanced diet and exercise, which at Liger I mostly did that. Next one is, what is balanced diet, balanced diet is that when you eat a lot of vegetables and carbohydrate but didn’t eat a lot of sugar and fat.

So I really, really happy to be in this exploration and I want to say thank you to Karen for letting me be in this exploration. It was the best experience for me, when I studied in this exploration.